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why the <font> tag should die

why greed dressed up as copyright is a joke

douglas adams on windows 95


back in 1996 I created my first website - actually it still exists in pretty much unaltered form if you want to take a look at its HTML3.2 goodness.

here you can expect to find links to stuff that's entertaining parts of my grey matter in one way or another.

you might even find the occasional blog - if I can be bothered putting my mood into words - and usually - I can't/


Mint Jelly

Catcave: Home of Catscratch


"I'm a future-hacker; I'm trying to get root access to the future. I want to raid its system of thought."
St Jude

The Earth is like a grain of sand, only much much heavier.

Don't give up your biological right to think.
CatS B)

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